French Letterbox: Rue du Bac, Rouen

I am walking on a street in Rouen not speaking French.140.jpg

On glass I hear tapping. I am walking. There is yet tapping on glass. I am not walking yet now.

There is the voice of a woman to me speaking. There is a place for letters in a glass door and the voice of a woman is in this place for the letters in the glass door. It is she who had tapped.

I cannot see the woman. I can only see the eyes of the woman because the place for the letters is a fine rectangle. She is shouting the door is shut. The door is shut. The door is shut. She says this many times well.

The glass door belongs to a residential building of apartments. Many people in France enjoy apartments in their metropolis. So it is in Rouen.

I must help this lady for whom the glass door is shut. She has need of my pushing. I push the door. She says no many times again and she pokes her finger out of the place for letters. There are buttons for the entrance of the apartments within the building. Her finger indicates the directions of these buttons. I must push the button.

I must know the one button of this number of buttons I must push for this woman. The woman is saying the name I must find. I press the button of the name. There is a greeting from the button. I must respond.

Hello excuse me I apologise please may you wait? There is a woman. The door is shut. Please wait.

I speak to the woman what is it that you are called?


Hello? The woman is Isabel. The door is shut for Isabel.

I come says the woman from the button.

I say to Isabel’s eyes she is coming. Now Isabel walks away and I see through the rectangle she is a whole woman more than eyes in a rectangle. She looks back to the rectangle and she looks maybe sad.

She has weariness from the help of a woman who may not speak French.

I say to her she must have a good journey.

There is also: your hands, Isabel. I cannot comprehend your words without your hands.


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